Kristi: I am Not Jealous

Kristi Yamaguchi  

The time has come to clarify something: I am not jealous of Kristi. The word ‘jealousy’ implies a certain amount of malice and this is not at all the case. No, what I’m experiencing is definitely more like ‘envy,’ which is a far friendlier beast.  

It’s not that I dislike Kristi, it’s that I want to be Kristi. This point gets hit home to me week after week as she cuts a proverbial rug (more like: shreds it) on the not-much-of-a-contest contest show called, Dancing With the Stars. I have excitedly viewed her Foxtrot, Tango, Paso, Jive, etc. thanks to the kindly and prompt posters at And if you haven’t seen her on the dance floor yet, I suggest you visit youtube as well.  

Truthfully, I have not watched the other contestants, though I trust they are equally entertaining for lots of reasons. I am mainly interested in watching Kristi because we have so many things in common. Wait, scratch that, we really only have one thing in common: we’ve both once (or a million times) laced up a pair of skates. 

As a result of following her performances and the fluff footage they’ve aired over the last month or so, I have come to the conclusion that, while I have many excellent qualities, I pale in comparison to Kristi in every conceivable way. Rather than feel bad about all this, I think it’s best in these kinds of situations to just come clean, to specifically define what’s really going on in order to really own it. This is why I have compiled the following list.

                                          Ten Things I Envy about Kristi

  1. Her fame has reached the point where I can refer to her without using her last name and everyone reading this knows exactly who I am talking about.
  2. Her ability to dance with sharpness, agility, and nuance…and move in a way that is vastly different from how she ever did on skates. (For lack of anything else to critique, the shows’ judges have repeatedly criticized her for not demonstrating enough emotion or passion while dancing, but this is an obvious attempt on the part of the show’s writers and producers to create the illusion that she has something to improve upon.)
  3. The dreamy dresses the Dancing With the Stars seamstresses have created for her, not to mention the trim body they have to work with.
  4. Her opportunity to dance with the nicely-sculpted, accent-wielding specimen that is Mark Ballas.
  5. Her sporty, hockey-playing husband who, at least from this distance, appears to have all his original teeth.
  6. Her ability to ingest many hot dogs in one sitting. (Okay, her success on the hotdog eating circuit was an April Fool’s hoax for the show, but even knowing it isn’t true, I still can’t help myself from wanting to be able to do this, now that she’s “demonstrated” it.)
  7. Her cute little daughters rendered doubly adorable by matching outfits.
  8. Her dignity and the sportsman-like way she comports herself in seemingly every waking moment.
  9. Her competitive drive, which I have every reason to believe would translate to success in any field she tried to enter: High finance? Basketball? Competitive juggling? She could surely master any and all of these. 
  10. Oh yeah, and her Olympic Gold Medal. 


Here’s something I have that Kristi (presumably) does not: a parking space in New York City. Then again, she’s probably better off. Read why by clicking on Cusp of Greatness in the column over to the right.  





  1. dancer · April 29, 2008

    I agree, the dresses they have made for her are nice, esp the paso and the tango dresses. But some of them, like the Rumba and the Waltz one: pretty revealing, wouldn’t you say?

  2. sitspin · April 29, 2008

    His accent is intriguing isn’t it? I am embarrassed to say that I googled him to find out that he was born in Texas but grew up mostly in England.

  3. Jenn · April 29, 2008

    I am a big fan of Kristi’s but her background in skating (which is different though very similar to dancing on the floor, especially all the show programs she would have done as a professional) does seem kind of unfair to the other contestants! I suppose it is good to see some REAL dancing on the show, though.

  4. Paula · April 29, 2008

    Uh oh! Last night she got beat by the football player!

  5. J. walker · April 30, 2008

    I add my name to yours. She is wonderful in every way.

  6. Julie · April 30, 2008

    I agree 100%. Add to that her ability to make it all easy enough for me to do (even though I’m not totally fooled)and the self confidence to just put herself totally out there (tight dresses and all).

  7. BA · May 1, 2008

    I must admit I have not watched this show ever. Sounds like you are enjoying it though. Love that u-tube!

  8. Ice Mom · May 2, 2008

    I love the dresses. Oooh. So pretty. So shiny.

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