Skaterwoman to the Rescue!

She skates faster than a speeding bullet.
Glides with more power than a locomotive.
She triple axels over tall buildings in a single bound.

Look up in the sky!
It’s a bird, it’s a rhinestone-studded plane. No, wait, it’s Skaterwoman!

Are you concerned about what’s going on in the world today and even a little scared? Nervous about the faltering economy? The endless war? The rapid depletion of natural resources?

Have no fear, Skaterwoman is here! She’s been training for this moment. She’s all warmed up, stretched out, and it takes her less than .0000000004 seconds to lace her skates. So just breathe a sigh of relief and sit back to enjoy the performance.

In the next four minutes, Skaterwoman will not only “balance” all the budgets in the land, her spinning will generate enough alternative energy to power the entire planet.

Her smile will melt the hearts of the coldest dictators and her dove-like grace will smooth over international disputes. Besides, you’ll see that she can touch her foot to her head, fly like a camel, shoot ducks with her eyes closed, and stealthily disguise herself as a pancake.

Most impressively, the ease with which she transports herself from place to place will inspire commuters across the universe to abandon their gas-guzzling cars and instead travel to work in their own skates.

Trust me: she skates softly, but she wears big blades.

And so, without further delay, I present the one and only super-heroine who can rescue us from this mess…Skaterwoman!



Wait, is the stereo broken again?

Skaterwoman, can you please save the world without the music today?

No? Okay. Well folks, I forgot to mention that Skaterwoman is also a larger-than-life primadonna. I guess we’ll just have to figure something else out.  



  1. Jerry L · October 14, 2008

    Yes, we will all have to vote next month.

  2. Super Sillious · October 14, 2008

    I have a friend who is lives in a state where the polls indicate that the outcome is a pretty sure thing, so he is driving (hours and hours) to Ohio for the weekend before the election to volunteer. That’s a super election volunteer.

  3. sitspin · October 14, 2008

    I like Skaterwoman’s outfit! Where can I get one? Maybe I’ll be her for halloween.

  4. miami · October 14, 2008

    yay ohio! so excited to vote here in a month

  5. Tommy Litz · October 14, 2008

    Hey Joc,Maybe she can buy a basketball and resume her alleged superpowers.

  6. Henner · October 15, 2008

    This is funny!

    Wasn’t Michelle Kwan sent around to a few different countries as a diplomat at some point?

  7. Timbo · October 16, 2008

    I have heard of wind generators, but using spins to generate energy? That is innovation.

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