Monkey see, Monkey skate


The staff of Current Skate of Mind has noticed that a particularly entertaining skating video is currently in hot circulation around the internet. (The nature, tenor and texture of this video fits the CSOM credo perfectly i.e. “laughter is the best sports medicine.”) Perhaps you have not seen it yet? Of course you are busy watching as much Nationals footage on icenetwork as humanly possible, but we highly recommend you tear yourself away for a few moments to see some extremely impressive skills. We are not Technical Specialists, but it’s pretty obvious that these skaters would do very well under the IJS system (press on the black arrow in left bottom corner to play):  


For those of you noticing this week’s lack of punctuality (i.e. it’s not Tuesday, scandalous indeed), we must inform you that due to several thousand other projects on deck, new installments will now be posted on a completely random basis. Just keeping you on your toe…picks.    



  1. Aaron · January 21, 2009

    Their spread eagle technique is better than most! Also, love the ‘traveling cartwheels.’

  2. Paula · January 23, 2009

    Ha ha! That is crazy! Is it real or has the video been doctored?

  3. Jenn · January 23, 2009

    I think the sweaters are a good choice here, very 80’s. Thanks for sharing. Had a good chuckle and quite impressed.

  4. Bambooboo · January 23, 2009

    I welcome the spontaneity and randomness… I’ll enjoy getting the installments when I least expect them. Keep up the great blogging!

  5. Martina · January 24, 2009

    Holy Cow! Holy Moley!! Holy Monkey!!!

  6. Chunky · January 25, 2009

    This blog is always so educational. I will be trying the “crack the whip” on the end of the long rope with one of my six year old students at the rink tomorrow morning.

  7. LP skater · February 4, 2009

    Nice!! Loved the “barrel jumping”. I think that spiral would be a +3 GOE 😉

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