Medals and Pretzels

Okay, pair short program results are in. USA 10th and 14th, room for improvement, but a decent showing. Some of the scoring at the top is cause for pause. I will have to consult with my local Technical Specialist to see what’s what.

NBC just put up the results with some of the countries/flags all jumbled. Oops. Or, in the the words of my 3 year old nephew: Oopalah.

Upwards and onwards for Freeskate tomorrow night. I will have to stretch and digest all these pretzels in order to be ready….


10:38: Pang and Tong, favorite program so far. “Free and joyous”, yes. Scores lower than I expected, but then again I’m no Technical Specialist…

I really have no right to comment on costumes, considering what I have worn in the past, eh hem, not to mention what I’m wearing right now…but – I vote No for Nude Fabric on guys.

Question: are Split Triple Twists getting more and more lateral?

Better stop clowning around, the Germans are up.

10:35 pm…Trying to decide which is more cute: The two-inch tall Tamara Moskvina standing on a box in order to see over the boards or the adorable Pelletier and Sale all gussied up in the media booth.

Holy Blue Unitard!

Trying to decide: Is the blue/green landscape design on the boards distracting or cool? I like the way it looks but the skaters don’t show up all that well against it…

Am noticing that pair footwork/step sequences are getting a bit more dance-y. Me like. Along the same lines: I like Kavaguti’s longer skirt. I guess that entrance into the Throw Triple Loop wasn’t too shabby either.

Dube just fell on her jump. That’s a shame. The scores are high – very confused.


Scott Hamilton during Bazarova and Larinov: (approximate quote) “They used to call them one and a half pairs because of the difference in the size.” My brother and I used to call them Giant and the Pea couples. (It is possible/valid that they called us the Giraffes.)

I am digging the NBC countdowns “x minutes to figure skating” in the lower right hand corner.

Hannah Kearney, Gold medalist in Freestyle Mogul answering the question, “What events are you going to watch?” “Definitely figure Skating because it epitomizes the Winter Olympics.”

Evora and Ladwig: Sweet Throw Triple Loop!

The Hubs on Mark’s costume: “I like his outfit – it’s so normal.”


Opening ceremonies, check. Ohno last night, check. Snack food, check.

On deck: Pairs Short.

I am not sure which was better: Shen and Zhao’s beautiful yet strange back outside death spiral just now or my beautiful yet strange husband’s impromptu and passionate “skating” across the hardwood floor.  One point deduction for his fall; he crashed and burned against the dining room table.

I personally never made it to the Olympics, though it could be argued that I trained for them…sort of, in an abstract way, well, they were far far off in the distance.  I trained alongside Olympians, does that count? I know that when you fall trying just about anything in Pair skating it smarts. Watching these girls defy gravity makes me cringe a bit.

USA’s Denney and Barrett: Awesome Throw Triple Lutz!

It’s strange to watch skating, in PJs from the futon.  Am I jealous of these tiny bodies, their flexibility? Yes.

Oh, well, all that’s long over, but it’s nice to eat pretzels.

Sour grapes? No. Sourdough.



  1. DVJ · February 15, 2010

    I am jealous of the pair girl’s bodies too,how dare they be so tiny and skinny.

    The pretzel looks delicious in the picture,did you make homemade pretzels for the olympics viewing?

  2. SkatingSmithson · February 15, 2010

    Whoa, Shen and Zhao were inspiring – fun posts, thanks.

  3. WinterGH · February 15, 2010

    are you sitting on the floor – the tv looks like it is faaar away. cool commentary…need to get some pretzels myself.

  4. amyg12 · February 15, 2010

    Hannah Kearney’s comment was excellent – totally caught that!!!

  5. dorhyml · February 15, 2010

    Yeah, I didn’t realize Shen and Zhao were from Canada…NBC has some geo issues going on.

  6. jenn · February 15, 2010

    Yes, I agree with you that those boards are too “busy”. I know there is usually writing or ads, but these are wild. I like when they just have dark blue boards.

  7. WinterGH · February 15, 2010

    Those boards are pretty intense. I like how they look, but they are distracting.

  8. spicedaddy · February 15, 2010

    With seven grades of execution to abuse (er, use) I am thinking the judges used that as well as PCS to impact the scores, seeing that the results on the Vancouver website evidence very few downgrades at all, other than lots of level 1 BO death spiral due to lack of acceptable lady’s position. For once it’s not the technical specialist to blame!

    Do we really need seven grades of execution? (-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3) I mean, in school, we had five. A B C D and F. I think five should be sufficient.

  9. Ann-Marie · February 16, 2010

    I loved the mirror serpentine footwork that the one Russian team did-very cool!

    The throws were amazing…still weird to see them in a short program though. (am I dating myself?)

    Wish that the coverage was not interrupted so many times.

    Hate that I have no clue what the new scoring system is…gotta study up I guess!

    We need to be on Skype for the long program!

  10. Pierro · February 16, 2010

    We really enjoyed the skating.
    they should just have a skating and down hill skiing channel.

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