Hats off to the Starbucks Skaters

December 27, 2011

starbucks skaters

I have seen a lot of great skating in my day, but this year’s Starbucks Skating Team is sensational – have you seen them perform yet? If not, click here:

Sensational Starbucks Skaters

I have never seen skaters hold spread eagles for so long. I have never seen skaters maintain so much flow with their feet facing in opposite directions. This is surely a record. (Be jealous, Brian Boitano.) Skating students: please take note of their excellent posture, and how they smile through the whole thing.

It must be all that coffee. Personally, I don’t believe in the stuff (bold-face lie), but I do appreciate how Starbucks repeatedly features skaters in their holiday iconography.

Happy New Year!


2 Responses to “Hats off to the Starbucks Skaters”

  1. Vivian Bernstein Says:

    Jocelyn, I kept two venti cups just because I thought they were sooo cute! Almost asked for the window hangings after they took them down, but was a little embarrassed lol.

  2. Of course Starbuck’s should always feature skaters, they know it’s our drug of choice, lol

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